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Mr Bilal Alkhaffaf

Consultant Bariatric Surgeon

Mr Bilal Alkhaffaf offers the entire range of established and successful weight-loss procedures, ensuring that you have access to treatment that takes into account your personal situation and circumstances.

All weight-loss options come with a comprehensive 2-year after-care package as standard with Mr Alkhaffaf and his experienced team of bariatric-nurses and dietitians.

Based in Greater Manchester, the team routinely provide weight-loss surgery to patients from across the North West and the UK.

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Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery is the most effective medical treatment available for obesity and results in long-term sustained weight-loss. However, surgery also has a profound direct impact on multiple medical conditions associated with obesity.

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Resources for you

We have designed resources unique to Celebrate Health with our patients in mind. Our weight-loss calculator enables you to see how much weight you need to lose and what results you can see from the treatments we offer. Our weight-loss treatment comparison resource allows you to directly compare the treatments we offer to help you choose the options most suited to you.

Our Hospital Partners

At Celebrate Health, we have partnered with the Spire Manchester Hospital and BMI Alexandra Hospital to deliver the best weight loss surgery packages across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Both private hospitals offer the highest standards of healthcare in state-of-the-art medical facilities.

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