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The indicative fees provided above are a guide and reflect the cost of treatment as of the 1st of January 2022. Our prices contain no hidden extras and include all pre-operative work-up, surgery and aftercare as detailed below.  Your personalised quote will be provided to you in writing following a free consultation with Mr Alkhaffaf and is valid for 30-days.

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What does our premium treatment package include?

When it comes to achieving the best possible results from surgery, the support you receive alongside surgery is as important as the surgery itself. We are proud of the premium treatment package we offer as standard to all our patients.

Our bariatric team has over 50 years of combined experience in managing and treating patients undergoing weight-loss surgery, giving you the confidence that you are in safe and expert hands.

All our patients receive the following comprehensive care:

  • A FREE no obligation comprehensive consultation with Mr Alkhaffaf
  • A full pre-operative medical assessment with our experienced bariatric team
  • Expert treatment using our specially developed enhanced recovery programme
  • A guarantee that will cover treatment in the unlikely event of complications related to your procedure
  • Comprehensive 2-year aftercare including follow-up with our experienced bariatric team
  • Access to our patient support group

Free no-obligation consultation with Mr Alkhaffaf

During your initial appointment with Mr Alkhaffaf, you will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your care and have all your questions answered. Before your appointment, we will ask you to complete an online questionnaire to support this process. Mr Alkhaffaf will discuss the different options available to you and ensure that you are offered choices tailored to you.

The initial consultation is free, and there is no obligation for you to proceed with treatment. Sometimes, follow-up appointments are required before you can proceed with your treatment. These are also free of charge and will be arranged at your convenience.

Consultations can be arranged to take place face to face, virtually (video call) or over the telephone. This gives you added flexibility allowing you to fit in the consultation around your commitments.

Pre-operative assessment

All patients receive a comprehensive pre-operative assessment which aims to make sure that surgery is carried out safely. This includes psychological assessments, medical background checks, blood tests, swabbing (for MRSA and COVID-19) and heart tracings.

On rare occasions, new medical conditions that patients were previously unaware of are discovered. These may require additional investigation and treatment that could result in the postponement of surgery. The pre-operative assessment may also indicate that you require care in a High Dependency Unit. If this is the case, then this and any additional associated costs will be discussed with you.

Before your surgery, you will be contacted by the bariatric nurse and dietitians who will explain what to expect after surgery and during your recovery.

Enhanced recovery programme

All patients are managed using an ‘enhanced recovery programme’. This is a unique protocol developed by Mr Alkhaffaf and his team and is based on their experience of treating hundreds of patients undergoing weight-loss surgery. The programme aims to reduce levels of pain, nausea and vomiting after surgery and ensures patients spend as little time in hospital as possible. As a consequence, the vast majority of patients can expect to go home the day after surgery and safely continue their recovery at home.

Guarantee to cover emergencies

Patients can be rest assured that in the unlikely event of a complication, they will undergo all the necessary investigations and care without additional cost to them. The guarantee period is covered for at least 30-days.

**In the unlikely event of requiring readmission to hospital, current COVID-19 related restrictions may mean that this has to be to a NHS facility. If you are from outside of the North West region, this will  be your local NHS hospital.**

2-year comprehensive follow-up; lifetime access

The aftercare package covers your care for a period of two years. However, Mr Alkhaffaf operates an open-door policy which gives you access to him and his team if you require it after this period.

Your 2-year comprehensive follow-up takes place with Mr Alkhaffaf, the dietitians and the bariatric nursing team. This occurs at regular intervals to ensure that you are properly supported and can maximise the results from surgery.

Access to patient support group

Some of our patients find additional support from other patients allows them to gain a better understanding of life after surgery. All our patients can access patient support groups through our hospital partners. Alternatively, we are able to put you in direct contact with patients who are willing to share their journeys.

What is not included in your treatment package?

Special Investigations

Additional special tests that need to be carried out ahead of your surgery are not included as standard. These may include tests for sleep apnoea or endoscopies. These can be arranged through the NHS via your GP or in some circumstances, these can be arranged privately for an additional fee.

Post-operative blood tests and prescriptions

Blood tests, vitamins, supplements and other medication that you may need after surgery are not included. Your GP will be provided with a comprehensive document outlining your post-operative requirements which will be provided through the NHS.

Specialist Psychological Support

Should your pre-operative assessment highlight the need for additional psychological support before surgery can be undertaken, this can be arranged with our psychologists for an additional cost.

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